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Claire Mckie

Claire McKie is a teacher and the Founder of McKie Mastery and Power Phonics. Claire worked as a teacher in Primary, Secondary and in SEND provision. As a teacher, Claire worked in areas of high deprivation and high SEND. Claire had to find a ‘different way’ to teach so that all of ‘her children and students’ could be successful.

“I knew that I had to change my teaching. All of the children and students I taught, needed a better way, the status quo had to go! McKie Mastery is my attempt to show all teachers that all children and students can reach and exceed national expectations in Phonics, Reading, Writing, Spelling and Maths – no matter what. But…we have to change the system first.

If you ever want to contact Claire about any of it, email claire@mckiemastery.co.uk.

Meet Mac Mckie

Along with Claire’s children, Mac the cat featured in the Power Phonics Story Books is real. This is Mac, a rescue cat with a big personality. Claire’s children Ella and Tom (now teenagers) refused to allow any photographs. Mum is pretty embarrassing… Mac drew the short straw and so here he is.